TBVSI | Accredited Translation Services
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Accredited Translation Services

Tower Bridge Company provides all types of translation specialized expertise in translation & interpretation into the following languages: 
English-Arabic-Kurdish-German-French-Russian-Italian-Spanish-Chinese-Purtegese… etc.

Tower Bridge Company has a team of highly-dedicated professionals in implementing all types of attestations, subtitling, etc…

Legal Translation Services:


• Interpretation services for the organization, embassies and official authorities.
• The legal translation services we offer are certified, and duly approved by the Ministry of Justice, Courts of Iraq & all formal departments and ministries of Iraq territory.

Interpretation Services (Simultaneous/Consecutive):


• Trade shows, events and conferences are now global affairs with exhibitors and visitors travelling from different parts of the world to attend and socialize with other industry bigwigs. So, we ensure perfect translations to match the target audience.

Medical Translation Services:


• Medical translation service is considered to be a highly specialized category and should only be performed by specialized and suitable medical linguistics. Their translation is required to be done by not only translators but also by specialized medical experts.

Technical Translation Services:


• At Tower Bridge Company we provide many experienced translators who have already worked in various constructional and other technical projects in companies that executed these projects. So the level of experience provided by Tower Bridge Company cannot be matched anywhere else in the field.

Commercial Translation Services:


• Our commercial translators will provide you the best work in a very short time. The level of accuracy provided by Tower Bridge is unmatched in the industry and hundreds of business trust us with their commercial translation services whether it’s your marketing materials, press releases, reports, letters, newspaper or magazines articles, accounting and management documents, etc.

Publishing Translation Services:


• Publishing translation services using a translator to suit each writer’s style is very important. As every writer has his/her own unique style of writing, the translations of their writing have to be done very carefully. The first thing to keep in mind is that do you want the translated document to reflect the same style that was present in the original.

Attestation Services:


• We always make sure that your documents meet all the requirements. We also provide free help & advice from our staff who have first-hand experience in document legalization. We are experts in document Authentication.